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The Shifty Servants by Maria Christine
The Shifty Servants

ISBN-13: 9781944673048

An adventure tale of love, loyalty, and the valor of women.

Ava, Simone, and Cosette are the queen's most trusted and loyal servants. Their days and nights are pretty routine: serve the queen's every whim, and seek evidence of her possible romance with a formidable king. Late one night, however, terrible news arrives at the castle. News that will take the servants out of their element and lead them to a danger that will test their fealty, deftness, and courage.

For them, it's all in a day's work.​

Emerald Isle by Maria Christine.png
Emerald Isle

ISBN-13: 9780985431471

The skies are gray, and the colorful landscapes are muted by fog. Still, the land is beautiful, serene, and Miranda Kelly is in love. But legend tells of a supernatural danger that nears, and the man she has fallen for may be bound to this legend in more ways than one.


Before the coming eclipse, Miranda must decide whether to run away or to stay and face a terrifying possible fate with the man who has stolen her heart.

Her Eternal Love by Maria Christine
Her Eternal Love

ISBN-13: 9781944673338

Her Eternal Love (2nd Ed.), is a Gothic fantasy novella set in the Realm of Shadows, but, even here, the bonds of blood are strong and love is eternal.

Empress Domnina, governor of the Realm of Shadows, has forbidden a relationship between Elena and the vampire Decio. No longer willing to abide by Domnina’s ruling, Elena decides to confront the governor and learns of a surprising secret that rocks her to the core. While a prophecy looms, and dangerous beasts invade the realm, Elena might discover that assumptions can prove false and that real love can be found even in the darkest of places.

Flash Fiction Shorts


Erotic flash fiction by Maria Christine as Narcissa Brimstone

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